12 D 77 25 10 KAP Woofer


FS:19 Hz

VAS:340 ltr.




Efficiency:91,5 dB

Flexunits 12 C 77 25 10 KAP, is yet a driver where all sails are set. It uses all the well-known virtues of the Audiotechnology drivers and on top of that – Sandwich Cone and the Kapton/Alu system.
12 C 77 25 10 KAP plays with edge because of the very stiff cone, but also deep bass – even at low amplitudes – allowed by the KA system. This driver plays with an unbelievable ease and very low distortion.

Box-sizes between 75 to 90 liters ported, allows the 12 C 77 25 10 KAP to reach well into the lowest audible octave.  Sealed box volumes between 60 to 95 liters, giving QTC between 0,577 to 0,707

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