18 H 52 06 13 SDKA-LR Midrange


FS:32 Hz

VAS:50 ltr.




Efficiency:90 dB

18 H 52 06 13 SDKA-LR is one of the drivers that just come out excellent.

In every driver, a kind of chaos pattern occurs in the moving system – small resonances and breakups happen - some with less successful result and some come out unbelievably good, like the 18 H 52 06 13 SDKA-LR

It plays with warmth but still with dynamics. It is fast and detailed and plays with an effortless ease.

Every detail in the music is revealed especially in open baffle configuration.

18 H 52 06 13 SDKA-LR uses underhung magnet-system.

Troels Gravesen says: “My favorite midrange” - I think ours too.

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